SME Finance Charter

SME Finance Charter... signed up and ready to help SMEs through Brexit

In preparation for the UK’s forthcoming exit of the European Union, currently due on the 31st October, the Government has created the SME Finance Charter. The Charter is for financial institutions to sign up to in a bid to offer support and funding for SMEs across the UK in, what is expected to be, turbulent times.

So, we are proud to say that Calverton Finance has signed up to this charter, and we continue to be huge advocates of SMEs.

There are five pledges that the Charter will ensure financial bodies adhere to:

1. We’re open and ready for business.

Calverton Finance has offered financial support through alternative finance and bad debt protection for over 20 years. We continue to offer unrivalled support to the country’s SMEs.

2. We’ll help you prepare for Brexit and beyond.

Our team of Client Managers, along with your own dedicated point of contact, help your business with everyday challenges – offering guidance and support we can advise you on ways to maximise growth opportunities, gain financial stability and improve customer/supplier relations through a fluid cashflow.

3. We’ll support your application and signpost other options if needed.

During the application take on process you deal with decision makers, this means you get real answers and real solutions, without jumping through hoops; what’s more, we have your facility set up and fully operational in less than two weeks.

4. We’ll treat you fairly at all time.

Honest, open and transparent – we pride ourselves on all three. The relationship we have with SMEs is highly regarded, and envied, in the industry; it’s our ‘Calverton Culture’. 

5. We’ll work with the Government-owned British Business Bank to support SMEs.

We already work with the British Business Bank as an authorised and accredited invoice finance provider as part of the Bank’s Enterprise Finance Guarantee Scheme, and we continue to support SMEs through our own means and in conjunction with the British Business Bank.