Short Term Finance

Our short term finance facilities are aimed at businesses that require fast access to funds at competitive rates but do not want to be committed to a long term finance facility.

Swift Fund provides funds for those unavoidable 'blips' in a business's cashflow. It may be to pay VAT, rent or a big supplier payment.

ICON (In Case Of Need) gives a business certainty of funding at minimal cost whilst undrawn. Contact us for more information.


Swift Fund

ICON (In Case of Need)


Swift Fund provides flexible short term finance which is repaid when funds are available.

ICON or "In Case Of Need" provides a business finance facility at minimal ongoing charges that can be drawn down within 24 hours.


 £25,000 to £250,000

 £50,000 to £500,000

 Who is it for?

Think overdraft, but quicker, cheaper and more flexible.

Swift Fund is for businesses that need fast access to funds but don’t want a long contract and don’t want to give personal security.

ICON is for businesses that require certainty of funding.

In these uncertain times this service guarantees that working capital funds are available when required - and quickly. ICON is also perfect for businesses with seasonal or 'lumpy' cash requirements as funds are only drawn (and  paid for) when they are used.

 How does it     work?

Effectively Swift Fund works just like an overdraft. The facility advances up to 50% of a company’s sales ledger.

Funds  can be drawn within 24 hours of facility being agreed.

The minimum term is 3 months but funds can be repaid at any time. There are no personal guarantees required.

There is a small monthly service charge and  interest charges while the funds are drawn. Fees are fixed and transparent.

An Invoice Finance facility is agreed and set  up.  Whilst the facility is undrawn a nominal  monthly fee is charged. 

If funds are required then the Invoice Finance facility kicks in. 

Funds advanced can be repaid at any time and the facility reverts to the small monthly charge.

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