Recruitment Finance

Unlock the cashflow tied up in unpaid invoices. Cashflow and administration are the two biggest burdens for young and growing recruitment companies.

If you’re like many of the recruitment businesses we’re helping, you probably have cashflow tied up in your unpaid invoices. That’s money you could be using to manage overheads, pay employees, and position your business for the tough times to come.

We provide 2 types of Finance:

Calverton Recruitment Finance is a fast, flexible, and cost-effective way of bridging the cashflow gap.
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Finance for Temporary Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment companies supplying temporary workers or contractors are inevitably faced with a shortfall in their cashflow. Customers may take 30 days or more to pay invoices, but workers/contractors need to be paid on time.

We offer:

  • Funding on invoices to meet weekly/monthly payroll.
  • Highly competitive fees.
  • Cover for your customers against bad debts (included at no extra cost).
  • No monthly minimum charges.

FACT: Regardless of your customers’ credit terms (30, 60 days +) we will fund your invoices immediately.

Benefits of Calverton Recruitment Finance:

  • Funds immediately available to pay workers/contractors
  • Help from industry experts
  • Assistance (if required) with customer credit ratings, credit control and collections

Who should use Recruitment Finance?

  • New starts
  • Established and growing recruiters
  • Companies with limited access to bank funding

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