Print Supply Funding

Funding for printing businesses to support the purchase of printing supplies. Receive discounts on your printing supplies and extend your credit with the help of our Print Supply Funding facility.

Rainbow of colour swatches to represent Print Supply Funding.

The printing sector typically suffers from prolonged payment terms, which has a negative effect on cash flow. This coupled with the possibility of breaching credit limits means that printers may not be able to order the supplies needed to trade successfully and grow.

We have partnered with an excellent supplier to the printing industry, Ovenden Papers to solve this problem. Ovenden have been supplying the printing sector for over 70 years and share our ethos of providing the highest possible service to our clients.

Who is it for?

  • Printers who have reached credit limits with their existing printing supplier.
  • Printing businesses looking to increase trade and grow.
  • Businesses with extended customer payment terms.
  • New start printing businesses.

How does it work?

1. You order your goods from Ovenden Papers and they deliver these direct to you in the usual way.
2. Ovenden send you the invoice and a copy to us.
3. We make funds available of up to 90% of your total outstanding customer invoices (minus our fees).
4. From the funds available we pay the Ovenden invoice immediately, on your behalf.*
5. Ovenden provide you with a discount for early payment.
6. The balance of your customer invoices (10%) is released to you, once your customers have paid.

* You can draw the remainder of the available funds for any other cash requirements.

Benefits of Print Supply Invoice Finance

  • You will not need a credit limit with Ovenden Papers meaning you can trade and grow without any restrictions.
  • Ovenden will offer a discount on their supplies for the early settlement of their invoices.
  • We credit check your customers and can protect you in the event of a bad debt (Bad Debt Protection).
  • We can provide a comprehensive professional credit control service from our expert team (optional).


We charge a simple single fee as a percentage of the turnover of your business. Note that all or part of our fee is offset by the discount offered by Ovenden Papers.

Next steps

To find out more and whether this facility will work for you, please contact
us via email or call 01908 268888 or use the contact forms below.

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