Media Finance

Our media finance facilities range from £50,000 to £500,000 and we are happy to fund start-ups or fledgling businesses. We also assist funding in Company Acquisitions and Management Buyouts.

Our facilities use the receivable asset of the business as security; this means that we do not look to secure personal assets. The funding facility grows with company sales. 

Funding availability graph for Media Finance.

The main differences between using us and using a more traditional bank facility are:

1) We will provide more generous and flexible funding than standard bank facilities.

2) Our facilities grow organically with the business without the need for constant funding limit reviews. 

Our charges will normally be the same as an equivalent bank facility.

What is Media Finance used for?

1. Funding growing working capital requirements.

2. Smoothing erratic cashflows.

3. Raising funds for company acquisitions.  

How Media Invoice Finance works?

1. You regularly upload your sales ledger information to us via our easy to use online portal.

2. We make available up to 80% of the sales ledger value.

3. You decide how much you want to draw down and we transfer funds into your bank account the same day.

This is a revolving facility which means that you will have continual access to 80% of the value of your sales ledger.

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