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Note to Sales #26 The Power of a Smile

Posted: 9th March 2016

Psychological research shows that from a very early age humans mimic or reflect other people’s facial expressions.  The obvious one is that if you smile at someone they will instinctively smile back (unless you’re Victoria Beckham).

  1. Psychologists have also shown that the mere physical act of smiling makes us feel happier.  So even if we fake a smile it will have a positive impact on our mood.
  2. Further to this physiologists have demonstrated that people who are generally of a positive disposition will have a longer life expectancy than grumpy buggers.

Combine all these and we get the following: 

1.  If you smile at someone, they are likely to smile back. 

2. This will improve their mood

3.  An improved mood means a longer life

So by smiling at someone you are helping them live longer!

The power of a smile!!!

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