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Note to Sales #41 - People don't buy what you sell they buy a solution to a problem.

Posted: 10th January 2017

A few days ago a person came in to show us an IT system that we are really interested in.  We started off talking a lot about rugby and football and then I suggested that we needed to talk about business so, he got stuck in – to his presentation on his laptop.  The next half hour involved him reading slides to us, including a list of the 217 accounting packages that his IT package supported!

He then asked if we had any questions and after we said no, he left.

Now by the end of the presentation we knew exactly what the software did.  But we didn’t know if it was right for us.  More to the point we didn’t know if the person selling it or his company was right for us.

Yesterday we had someone else come in to sell us the same type of software service.  The lady concerned immediately started to ask about our business. We spent a good while giving her a history and where we are now.  And then she asked a really good question; “where do you want to be?”

After we gave her a breakdown of our aspirations for the future, she asked; “what’s stopping you getting there?” which unsurprisingly led her on to how she can help us get there.

She went on to tell us about other businesses similar to ours that she had helped and what the results were.  She painted us a verbal picture, with examples, of what our future could look like.  She told us how satisfying it was to help move these businesses forward, it was clear that she was passionate about her business.

In all this time, she hadn’t told us what her software did!!!

But, she demonstrated that she could solve our problem and we believed in her, and by association, her business.   The details could come later.

We were sold. 

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