children being presented with a cake at a party.

Note to Sales #40 - After Party

Posted: 16th December 2016

A friend of mine runs parties for children.  She was frustrated that she not winning business against her competition (mainly because she was more expensive).  She thought that she was not very ‘salesy’ so she started reading sales training books, which generally bored her to tears. 

She tried “selling benefits” and “closing the sale” but it all felt a bit artificial and just ended up depressing her.

I suggested to her that she should think about it from the client’s (parent’s) point of view and rather than explaining what she did and where she did it in detail, that instead she painted a picture of life after the party.

She called this her ‘light bulb’ moment. In summary, her conversation now goes something like this:

"You don’t have to worry about a thing, as I do it all.  When it’s all over you’ll have a group of happy children.  They’ll all have a balloon and a party bag and a bunch of prizes and they’ll be telling their parents how great everything was.”

Of course to paint your picture you need to know what the client wants.  In the above case it’s pretty simple, happy children and unstressed parents.  But what about a prospect looking for Invoice Finance?  Essentially what he or she wants is their problem solved.  Like the parent having the party they want to know what life will be like after invoice finance is in place.

So an example might be; “you don’t have to worry about paying bills on time, collecting invoices or bad debts, we will sort all that out for you”

You may not be able to promise them a balloon and a party bag but you can promise them peace of mind. 

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