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Note to Sales #20. Once Upon A Time...

Posted: 1st February 2016

I was in a meeting yesterday when a very experienced ex-bank manager came in to talk to me about a new trade finance company he had started.

The first thing he did was to hand me a printed PowerPoint presentation….ugh...and then he proceeded to talk me through it…double ugh.

Compare this to a meeting earlier in the week when I met a young website developer / SEO marketing guy.  He told me about a company similar to us with similar issues to us, where he set up a website and marketed it in a particular way.  He showed me the website and then showed me the before and after statistics.  He demonstrated that he tripled the business through the website. It was an impressive story.

So who would I be more likely to deal with?

The story-teller of course.

People think that sales is about presentation, it’s not, it’s about engaging your prospect, and the best way to do this is to tell stories.

If you can tell a success story that is similar to the prospects experience and back it up with numbers, it’s an incredibly powerful message.

So think about your client success stories, do you tell them?   Better still get some statistics to back up your story.   Have any of your client grown fantastically quickly? Then get the stats.  Tell the story and back it up. 

Imagine it from the client’s point of view.  “Blimey this person really gets my business, they’ve tried to understand me and they proved to me that they can be effective”

Humans are not ideally set up to understand logic; they are ideally set up to understand stories.”

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