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Note to Sales #18. Choices

Posted: 1st February 2016

When my children were younger we always had a fight when it came to bed time.  That was until I used the sweetener-choice-assumptive sell technique. 

“What could possibly be simpler?!” I hear you cry – and you’re right.

When bedtime came I simply looked them straight in the eye, smiled sweetly and said; “would you like Noddy or The Gruffalo for a bedtime story tonight?  They would reply “Noddy” and I would say “OK let’s go!”

This simple question applies 3 principles of selling all in one go:

The Sweetener:

Although bedtime was nasty, a book was nice.


They had a choice, so felt that they were making the decision.


I assumed that they would comply. 

By the way if that didn’t work I dragged them upstairs, locked them in their room, and drank whisky until the screaming stopped.

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