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Note to Sales #13. Improving performance - the 4 big questions

Posted: 1st February 2016

If things are going wrong then sometimes it is really hard to put them right.  It may not be obvious where things are going wrong or how to address them.  In these circumstances there is a tendency to do the same things that we have always done in the hope that the world will change around us and make things better.

But this is fatally flawed.  Things rarely improve on their own.  We must look to change our world.

But how?

Firstly we need to precisely determine the issue, this may be very simple, in fact the simpler the better e.g.  A football team need to win more games, a company needs to make more profits, a salesperson needs to do more deals.

Once you have the goal specified then you need to look at and list the activities that are preventing you getting there and activities that will help you to get there.

You need to ask the 4 big questions:

1. What must you stop doing?

2. What must you do less of?

3. What must you do more of?

4. What must you start doing?

This systemises your thinking.  Any activity that the team, the business or the salesperson does must be geared solely towards achieving the goal.  So if an activity is not geared towards the goal, then ask yourself: why are you doing it?

For instance:  You have been attending a busy networking event every week, which you really enjoy. After 3 months it has never generated a deal or introduced you to someone who has given you a deal – it has done nothing to achieve your fundamental goal - so STOP!  

Another instance:  You have seen four local accountants and have been introduced to two new deals.  If it works – then DO MORE.

If things are going wrong then only by changing our behaviours will we reverse the spiral of underachievement and look to achieve our true potential.  

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