man wearing a melon as a helmet and goggles for article on standing out.

Note to Sales #11. Stand out from the crowd

Posted: 1st February 2016

I recently had 3 experiences of what it takes to provide outstanding service:

  1. I requested some credit limits from our insurance broker.  He immediately sent me an email back:  “I’m on it” and within a couple of hours he had the limits.
  2. A finance broker said to me that she had a new contact at an Invoice Finance company – she was happy.  “I love dealing with XXX, he’s so professional, he comes back to me so quickly and he always calls me as soon as he gets out of a meeting.”  
  3. I had an internet lead based in Kent in over the weekend and emailed it to our Sales Director first thing.  At around 10:30 I emailed her on another matter and asked her if she got the lead.  She emailed me back; “Seeing him tomorrow”.

These things are so simple, so why defer the call?  If there is one simple golden rule I can give you it’s this:


You don't need to wear a melon on your head to stand out, you just need to be super fast and super efficient.

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