road sign with how much? on it.

Note to Sales #33 - How much?

Posted: 4th November 2016

When our sales director is with a prospect she rarely gets asked this question directly…why not?

Well to start with, if she is asked she has her answer ready:

“We don't have a fixed costing policy, I will put a facility together that works for the business now and for the long term. All our clients have different requirements, so I would need to understand your business in depth before I can offer a solution tailored to your needs.”

This answer indicates that she is trying to solve a problem, not sell a product.

It you are selling a product then it becomes a commodity and buying commodities is all about price.   However if you are solving a problem you become a partner with the prospect and the emphasis shifts to the value of your proposition for the business, price become much less of an issue.

So, have you answer ready.  It may not be the same as her's because it needs to suit you.  But write it down and rehearse it in your head and to yourself.

The amazing thing is, that once you have it, your whole demeanour and approach will subtly change and you’ll probably never have to use it!

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