Influencing the agenda

Note to Sales #1. Influencing the Agenda

Posted: 28th January 2016

"Just before we start, can I just set a quick agenda...?"

The way in which you open a meeting significantly impacts the rest of the conversation... often the rest of the relationship. If you want to have more impact in meetings, this is the best place to start.

By taking control you can concentrate on the points you want to make, find out what makes the prospect tick and start to build trust.

What happens otherwise? All too often, the prospect takes control.  You end up negotiating the deal before you have had a chance to understand what the prospect really wants.

What you want to talk about


What the prospect wants to talk about








Don't get me wrong: I'm not suggesting that we turn every opening into a power-struggle. I am suggesting you learn to influence the agenda, not just abdicate control to whoever chooses to set the pace and tone for the meeting. 

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