Plain Slate

Holly Davenport, Plain Slate

Plain Slate started in 2011 as a small family wholesale business, and has now grown to supply retailers all over the UK and abroad.

All our products are crafted from the finest Spanish slate.

Plain Slate group team picture.

Thank you for helping us grow

We have been able to grow and not worry about cashflow with the help of Calverton.

We no longer need to chase payments from our customers which is a weight lifted from our shoulders, and if there are any queries, I direct them straight to our team who are always there to help.

Plain Slate

Plain Slate branded van.

We are currently the only people who cut slate in such detail into homeware products.

What our Client said...

"We are so pleased with the support and service from Calverton & we wouldn’t be where we are now without them."
Holly Davenport from Plain Slate

Holly Davenport  |  Plain Slate

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