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Our business is wide-ranging and varied. When an opportunity arises we need to seize it.

That’s why having a fluid cash flow is essential. If we’ve not been paid by clients we can’t miss opportunities simply because there’s too little money in the bank. We don’t take a ‘baton down the hatches’ approach. We grab those challenges with relish.

Craig Mills, Managing Director

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When a Change isn't always as Good as a Rest

Frontera were a Calverton client for a number of years. However, when they switched bank accounts they were wooed by their new suitor on what appeared to be better terms.

However, the bank may have offered some attractive new terms but everything else diminished in terms of service, knowledge and accessibility; so actually it wasn’t nearly as attractive they thought.  As Craig Mills, the MD puts it: “They just weren’t our friend; they were impersonal, inefficient and cold. That makes it hard going. Whereas the Calverton team are fun, friendly and always happy to meet up and not just talk over the phone".

In the end they decided to come back and of course we welcomed then with open arms.

Frontera Group London

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Group capabilities cover: strategy - creativity - influence - measurement

What our Client said...

"I firmly believe that a business is only as good as its staff, and extended team. That’s why I would have no hesitation in recommending Calverton Finance.  "
Craig Mills from Frontera London.

Craig Mills  |  Frontera London

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