Andy Scothern, eCommonSense

Helps businesses sell to anyone, at anytime, any place, on any device.

We help with eCommerce, supply chain and system & business readiness.


Calverton provided an extremely flexible & reliable solution

eCommonSense won a high profile contract and although it was lucrative, the payment terms were longer than they would normally work with.

The combination of the intensity of the contract and the payment terms left the business with a potential short term cashflow hole.

"Calverton provided an extremely flexible and reliable solution, that helped us focus on the delivery of the contract and not cashflow.

They also put it in place within a week, which was nothing short of amazing – thank you!

I’d definitely recommend Calverton to anybody who has similar funding requirements".



eCommonSense help businesses get ahead by understanding their customers and preparing the enterprise for a digital economy.

What our Client said...

"Calverton put a facility in place within a week which was nothing short of amazing – thank you!"

Andy Scothern  |  eCommonSense

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