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As a full service creative agency, Amplitude Media specialise in photography, film, design and animation and pride themselves on communicating their client's message.

Calverton's Media Finance Solution puts Amplitude Media in Control of Their Cashflow

For many Media Agencies the need arises to factor individual invoices. However, many providers won’t entertain this for a number of reasons – they don’t like only factoring one invoice (they want your entire book!) and they don’t understand (or like) stage billing or multiple freelance suppliers, combined with clients on long payment terms. 

Calverton Finance are expert suppliers of media finance facilities - invoice finance, confidential discounting and selective invoice finance. In this interview we talk to Ciara Ingham, Operations Manager, at Amplitude Media, a full-service creative marketing agency, on their experiences of selective invoice finance.

Why is Selective Invoice Finance So Important to Amplitude Media’s Financial Success?

Whilst we have many clients; we have one key client who has credit terms of 60+ days.  Being able to factor this invoice and receive near instant payment relieves our cashflow – being a small business we wouldn’t be able to fund 60+ days, pay our own suppliers and Freelancers, and grasp growth opportunities.

Selective invoice finance allows us to do all those things.

What’s One of the Key Perks to Your Facility?

As each invoice is advanced, we are able to pay our Freelancers promptly. This helps us build strong relationships with the best talent because they trust us to pay them. Having access to the best talent enables us to provide the best marketing campaigns for our clients. 

We also like the fact it’s an organic facility. We invoice and we get paid, rather than a loan that we’d exhaust and need to start the whole application process again. Invoice finance is flexible and extremely workable. It puts us in control of our cashflow and gives us financial stability all year round.

What Made you Choose Calverton Finance?

We met with several providers, yet it was only Calverton who were prepared to factor just one of our clients; everyone else wanted our entire book, which wasn’t necessary for us. Our immediate impression of the Calverton team was one of understanding and flexibility. We had an instant rapport with them, and it felt like a ‘family’ business, with a real personality and ‘can do’ approach to our business.

Calverton agreed our facility really quickly, they dealt with most of the ‘nitty gritty’ and it was fully operational far quicker than we imagined.

Would You Recommend Calverton Finance?

We already have, several times actually.  If a business wants control of their finances this is the way to do it. What’s as important to us as well as it being a very efficient way of controlling our cashflow is the team at Calverton. We are always made to feel valued, even though we are probably one of their smaller clients. They are always on hand and fully supportive of our business objectives, growth and goals.

Calverton who were Prepared to Factor just one of our Clients

"Everyone else wanted our entire book, which wasn’t necessary for us. Our immediate impression of the Calverton team was one of flexibility."

Ciara Ingham  |  Amplitude Media

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