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#WomenInFinance #WomenInBusiness

Posted: 22nd February 2019

There’s been a lot in the press recently regarding the lack of senior finance roles held by women and in particular, within the financial services industry.

Our Sales Director, Sharon Simpson

Here, our Sales Director shares her take on the #WomenInFinance and #WomenInBusiness movements.

“Did you know that there are just 10 female CEOs in the FTSE 100? According to last year’s figures by the World Economic Forum, whilst 46% of financial services employees were women, a mere 15% held senior, executive positions. In fact, Britain falls way behind our Australian and American peers.

Many influential and senior female figures within the finance world are making it a priority of theirs to change this. By highlighting the issue and instilling the virtues of women in senior positions, it is hoped that attitudes, traditions and cliques will change. Not only will women want to aspire and achieve senior positions, but women will be seen by their male peers for their merit and worth.”

How do Calverton Support Women in Business?

Here at Calverton Finance we believe in seeing everyone’s full potential - whether that’s male or female.  We can also boast that out of our three directors, one of them is female - Sharon. We actually buck the trend with the amount of women we have in Senior Client Manager, Operations and ‘Head Of’ positions. As our company continues to grow and prosper, we can only verify the positive impact women have within our business.

In fact, a recent report by The Times headlined that ‘Britain’s Most Successful Companies Have Women In Senior Roles’, for example:

  • Dame Carolyn McCall - CEO of ITV
  • Emma Walmsley - CEO of GlaxoSmithKline
  • Alison Cooper - CEO of Imperial Brands
  • Alison Brittain CBE - CEO of Whitbread

Yet, on the flip side, just a fifth of Britain’s businesses, all six million of them, are run by women.

Our Future Females

Well, much must be done at ground level. Without female role models to aspire to, where do young women see their future selves? We must encourage girls during careers weeks, target young women at colleges and universities. When women are recruited into senior positions it should be publicised and celebrated.  

Take for example, this week (w/c 18th February) Aston Martin announced that it has appointed its first ever female president. Just a few months ago, RBS appointed a woman in its role of Deputy Chief Executive of Ring-Fenced Business. See, the tide is turning.

So, whilst a change is coming about, it is coming about slowly; yet by coming together within the industry we can all make headway into making this change step up a gear.

As they say, ‘the future’s female’.