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What Price is Peace of Mind to a Business?

Posted: 21st December 2017

What Does a Business Do Should It Need Emergency Funds, and Quickly?

There’s no bank facility in place. There’s not enough working capital to cover it. Panic?

Well no actually; not if your business has Calverton Finance’s ICON facility in place.

However, much a business plans and prepares for any unexpected ‘blips’; an unforeseen bill, an equipment breakdown, or a surprise seasonal dip, sometimes we can all get caught out and find ourselves short of vital funds.

Yet, Where Does the Money Come From?

Well, there’s no such worry for businesses that have the ICON – In Case Of Need – facility in place. The emergency funding facility that has been prearranged to provide immediate access to funds in a crisis situation. 

Take, for Example, Calverton’s Client, Design Rule Limited

This is a long-established and highly successful business. They have had the ICON facility in place for over 4 years. As, Managing Director, Bob Hillier, explains, it brings them financial security ‘just in case’; knowing that the money is there should they ever need it.

“As with any business, we can experience seasonal lows. We are able to manage these throughout the year rather successfully, however, there’s always that risk that one year we will be hit harder than usual from a seasonal low – especially in these somewhat turbulent economic times.”

“We’d had an invoice factoring arrangement with a major high street bank however it became far too expensive as our business changed and didn’t need the day-day cashflow it provided. Yet, as we expanded and our business grew, we wanted the reassurance that emergency funds could be put in place ‘just in case’.”

Access to Funds

“What we wanted was access to funds should we need them. We weren’t planning on drawing on them. It was more like an insurance policy, if you will. Sadly, the bank was inflexible with their offering; what’s more, it was hugely expensive.”

“That’s where Calverton Finance stepped in. Their ICON facility was exactly what we were after. We wanted to pre-arrange access to cashflow as and when we might need it. We didn’t want to be paying huge amounts for money we weren’t using. With ICON you don’t. There’s a very small, monthly fee. Yet what price is the peace of mind this brings us? It’s priceless!”

“Having the ICON in place negates any arranging of panic loans or overdraft facilities. Were we ever to use the facility, because it’s already been arranged, we’d get access to it within 24 hours! Bear in mind a lot can happen to a business in that small-time frame, we know we’ll be OK!”

What are the Benefits with Working with Calverton Finance?

“One of the key benefits in with working with Calverton Finance is that decisions to arrange the ICON facility were done so quickly. We like the fact that decisions can be made at a local level. We like the personal service they offer and the fact we are treated like people, not a number by a busy call centre.”

“I’d certainly recommend Calverton Finance’s ICON facility to any businesses wanting a flexible and cost-effective peace of mind, finance insurance policy.”