What Makes an SME Great?

Posted: 17th September 2019

In our 21 year history we’ve worked alongside many SME businesses, watching them grow and becoming, well, quite frankly great.

We’ve learnt a lot along the way!

From our own humble beginnings over 21 years ago in a small office and a team of just 4, to what is now a rather large office and a team of nearly 50, over 2 offices. So what better opportunity for us to share what we believe will turn your SME business into a great business!


We believe credibility is created through trust, loyalty, expertise and knowledge. It can’t be bought. It must be earned. Trust us, its value is priceless.  

An SME business must be honest, stick to its principals and above all deliver what it promised.

Workforce Ambassadors

A workforce that completely buys into your company’s ethics and mission statement are invaluable. They are your ambassadors - to both customers and future employees. To do this you need to include:

  • Employees in communications
  • Ask their opinions
  • Provide career training
  • Development opportunities
  • Provide a good work/life balance

It might seem obvious yet making staff feel valued is something that’s often overlooked - our ‘Calverton Culture’ is envied throughout our industry.


Every business needs goals to further its success. We’re not talking about making millions and global domination – reasonable, achievable goals each and every quarter, driven through focus and clarity.


Owning your own business is hard. Everyday you’ll face ups and downs, setbacks, victories and chaos. Yet learn from them, move on and fight another day. Some of the most successful entrepreneurs overcame years of setbacks – James Dyson and JK Rowling for example.

Social Responsibility

Many companies will now look at a company’s social responsibility – giving back to the community, charitable donations etc.

A good way to do this is to sponsor events within your industry or customer market place. Look at our employee fundraisers - not only does it boost morale but you can release powerful marketing message as a result too.


1 in 5 SMEs fail due to lack of cashflow. Late paying customers and bad debt all take their toll. Invoice finance takes away the stress of these things by advancing monies, within 24 hours, on all issued invoices. Flexible and cost effective.