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TOP SECRET Invoice Finance

Posted: 12th March 2019

For many SME business owners, their financial affairs are and will remain private.

That’s why, our Confidential Invoice Discounting facility is the right choice when you want to keep your finance arrangements private.

Confidential Invoice Discounting works in a very similar way to invoice factoring, it gives you all the benefits but with complete privacy and control.

Confidential Invoice Discounting Process:

  • You issue your invoice as usual, and then send us a copy via your secure online portal
  • The invoice to your client will have the account details for a trust account - in your name - which is also accessible by us. This is separate from your other company bank accounts
  • We advance you up to 90% of the value of each invoice within 24 hours, the balance of which is paid when your customer settles their invoice
  • You manage your own credit control (note that with invoice factoring we manage all credit control on your behalf).

Your customers are completely unaware of your finance arrangement with us. You simply are ensuring that your business enjoys a fluid, free flowing cashflow and working capital that isn’t being constrained by late paying customers.

Why is Confidential Invoice Discounting Right for You?

  • Ideal when you are looking to grow your business, as the finance facility increases in line with your sales growth
  • When you want your financial arrangements kept private
  • When you already have your own established credit control department
  • When it’s important to maintain the relationships directly between you and your customers

Setting up your Confidential Invoice Discounting facility is simple and quick, call us on 01908 268888 and we can usually set up your facility, fully operational within 10 days. We don’t keep you waiting, nor do we make you jump through hoops.

Fact: Confidential Invoice Discounting Boasts Sales Growth for SMEs

Our clients saw their sales turnover grow on average by an impressive 13% last year with the help of invoice finance. Call us today on 01908 268888.