Time to Take a Stand Over Late Payments

Posted: 22nd October 2019

It’s time to stand up against late paying customers!

Time to take action! Why, because late payers are destroying SMEs. Cashflow is drying up. Companies risk insolvency as a result.

FACT: Last year, over 20% of businesses waited over 6 months to be paid

Waiting half a year to get paid, how can you pay your rent, utility bills, staff, suppliers? It puts your business in jeopardy – impacting your people, your supplier relationships and your investors. It could mean the end of a great business.

FACT: Last year, over 30% of businesses waited over 3 months to be paid

We salute SMEs. We know the challenges you face. We’re here to help. That’s why our range of Invoice Financing options helps hundreds of businesses up and down the country; and why we’ve been voted the Best Financier for Small Businesses and voted outstanding for our ‘Calverton Culture’ customer service.

FACT: You can’t use your invoiced revenue to pay bills, or use it to expand the business, until it’s paid

Introducing Invoice Finance...

  • Issue your invoice to your client. Copy us in, via your secure online portal
  • We pay you up to 90% of each invoice within 24 hours (balance when you’ve been paid by your customers)
  • We manage your credit control, politely chasing overdue payment
  • Once payment is received, we issue you with the invoice balance
  • Don’t want your customers to know you have Invoice Finance? Then choose Confidential Invoice Discounting – all the great benefits but confidential from all your customers
  • Only want to finance ad hoc invoices? Choose Selective Invoice Finance to cover peaks and pits in cashflow

It really is that simple to use. What’s more, it’s even easier to set up. You’ll meet with decision makers who agree your invoice finance there and then. There are no assets to lay down, no jumping through hoops, no technical jargon to decipher. Usually, in less than 14 days, your facility is up and running, and fully operational.

FACT: Late payment is getting worse

Late payment is a problem that is affecting every business, large or small. Do not let its crippling effects ruin your business. With invoice finance you really don’t have to – Cashflow is King; you see without fluid, steady cashflow you’ll be risking your business, livelihood and future.  With it, you’ll be King of your castle!

So get in touch with us today.

Get your 5 minute approval online, or call us on 01908 266888 or email enquiries@calvertonfinance.co.uk.