Think New Year. Think New Finance.

Posted: 11th December 2019

What do you think when we say cashflow? Do you think how? Do you think bank?

Well, how about thinking invoice finance?

You see, the most effective way to manage your cashflow is through invoice finance. Forget traditional cash advance loans in 2020 – they run out, seeing you back to square one. Instead, think invoice finance. 

For many it’s a totally new way of thinking about business finance; yet the reality is that invoice finance has been around for nearly 30 years, and right now over 44,000 UK SMEs are using it to ensure financial stability and a fluid cashflow for their business. * Link to Fast Facts About Invoice Finance blog article

Invoice Finance is Not Lending

It is advancing monies that you are owed. Invoice finance allows your business to grow because it unlocks monies tied up in unpaid invoices. You don’t have the burden of late paying customers because you are paid up to 90% within 24 hours (balance when your invoice is settled).

This means you have cashflow instantly, giving you working capital to look at expansion in 2020 – whether that’s new premises, new contracts, new machinery, new staff or to negotiate better terms with suppliers.

Without cashflow none of that is possible. 

Unlike loans and traditional lending, you don’t need to jump through hoops to arrange it either. Here at Calverton Finance we get you to discuss your facility with our decision makers, so your arrangement is agreed immediately.

The Set-Up Process

What’s more, your facility is set up and fully operational in 10-14 days. There’s no need for you to tell your customers, changing bank accounts and such like; we deal with all of that on your behalf.

  • Within just a few weeks your business will be fully operational on our invoice factoring facility
  • Our online portal gives you complete access to invoices issued, advanced and cleared
  • Our fees are very modest, and reasonably applied to your facility
  • We pay up to 90% of the value of all your issued invoices, paying within 24 hours
  • The balance of which is paid to you once your client has settled their bills

As well as invoice finance we also offer Confidential Discounting – all the benefits of invoice finance yet the facility is kept confidential from your clients.

Alternatively, you might only want to finance ad hoc invoices – for example to manage seasonal highs or lows or irregular larger invoices – in which case our Selective Invoice Finance would be suitable.

Either way, our invoice finance guarantees you benefit from the financial stability that a fluid cashflow brings. Call us today or get an ‘in principal’ agreement online in less than 5 minutes.

So, this new year, think new finance, think invoice finance!