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The UK Are in the Top 5 Countries for Manufacturing

Posted: 14th August 2018
Last year, the manufacturing industry surpassed its own targets for output, and as a result has moved into the top 5 countries in the world for manufacturing output.
The mix of quality products, and qualified and experienced workers, means that industry is booming. What’s even more amazing is that the majority of manufacturing companies are Small to Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs).

Your Cashflow

Therefore, it’s hugely important that these SMEs are looking after not just themselves, but their staff and their cashflow. Cashflow is the life blood of a business – having a fluid cashflow makes your company far more desirable to lenders and investors. It gives you working capital to expand and invest. It can allow a company to pay debt, make their spending processes more cost efficient and look towards tomorrow more confidentially.

What’s more, having a stable cashflow keeps your business alive! Facts:

  • 20% of businesses fail in their 1st year
  • 30% of businesses fail in their 2nd year
  • 50% of businesses fail after their 5th year


Lack of Cashflow to Survive

So that’s where Calverton Finance steps in. Just like the manufacturing industry, our invoice factoring facilities are booming – in fact there are over 40,000 UK businesses using factoring to positively manage their cashflow. Not only do we have the highest retention rates and recommendation figures in the industry, we are award winning too.

We provide exceptional Invoice Finance for SMEs in the manufacturing industry – advancing you the money you are owed on your outstanding invoices – up to 90% within 24 hours.
There are a number of factoring options to choose from:

  • Invoice Factoring – advancing up to 90% on your outstanding invoices, with the balance paid when your customer pays. We even chase your outstanding payments on your behalf. All of your accounts details are available online – clear and accurate views of invoices, advances, settlements and available funds.
  • Invoice Discounting – a confidential facility that has all the advantages of factoring, but without your customers being aware of your financial arrangements.
So what’s stopping you?  Your industry is booming, don’t get left behind. Instead, gain full control of your cashflow and see your business thrive. Call us on 01908 268888 and see how our tailored invoice factoring can help you.