The ‘Talking About Money' Taboo

Posted: 14th August 2019

46% of UK adults believe that personal finances are not something we should talk about. 41% believe it should only be discussed if it becomes an immediate worry. Why? Is it really that rude? Why is it such a taboo subject?

Yet, what about business finances? Dare to dish...?

Well, in our experience, many business owners are still embarrassed to discuss finances - we’re not talking bank balance, working capital stocks or share value - we’re talking about asking our peers their opinions and recommendations on finance arrangements that are benefiting their businesses.

There seems to be some unspoken rule that discussing our business’ finances is taboo too! 

Business Finance Isn’t For Failing Businesses

Did you know, lending and finance adds value to a business? In fact, alternative finance advances accelerated growth, allowing businesses to build their working capital balance; thus allowing them to expand, invest and increase productivity.

If you had a finance solution that was working for you, wouldn’t you want to let your peers know? Wouldn’t you want to know what was helping your peers to expand quicker than your business?

The finance options available to SMEs are huge. There is of course the traditional banking method, such as loans or overdrafts. There is also alternative finance, such as invoice finance and invoice discounting.  

Many SME owners, fearing rejection from banks, and unaware of the myriad of alternative finance options available to them, become ‘non-borrowers’. Living day to day, not utilising credit and thus plateauing without any opportunities to grow.

If they just got the conversation going, they’d soon realise that finance is readily available. The success of SMEs is thriving, despite Brexit scaremongering, and more businesses than ever are looking at finance to secure their monetary success.

We Like to Get the Conversation Started

We can go through your options for the UK’s most popular form of alternative finance - invoice factoring - and provide you with detailed answers and solutions to your working capital and cashflow worries.

Our facilities can be arranged quickly. They are competitively marketed, and our results prove that our clients’ businesses growth far out ways that of businesses not using finance.

Don’t just take our word for it – read just a handful of our Client Stories - learning first -hand how our solutions benefited businesses such as yours.

So, let’s talk – call us on 01908 268888.