headset of a phone to represent customer service.

The Secrets of Customer Service – 5 Tips

Posted: 3rd April 2019

Fact: Twice as many customers talk about their negative experiences than their positive ones.

A huge part of outstanding customer service is the way a business looks at a situation - how they can turn a reactive situation into a proactive one. Although extremely hard to measure, it’s the way and the speed a business solves a problem that counts. Arguably, customer service is the strongest and most important aspect of a company.

What is Outstanding Customer Service?

The words ‘customer service’ has been used for centuries, but what does it really mean? What can you do to ensure your business provides the best customer service?

Here are 5 Tips:

  • Access to decision makers - Each of your customers should have access to decision makers. As a result, these decision makers should be approachable, flexible and supportive to their customers and more importantly, not just at the negotiation period, but throughout your whole working relationship.

  • Understanding your customers - No size fits all, every customer is different and has different needs. Highlight that you are here to support your customers. Make sure that you understand how they operate and react accordingly.

  • Be upfront about costs - Be as transparent, open and honest about costs as possible. Not only does this avoid any issues going forward, but your customers are more likely to trust you and your business if they are made aware of all your T&C’s upfront.

  • Assign a dedicated point of contact - This not only builds up a rapport, from an operations point of view, but your customer will also be able to rely on a main point of contact who understands their industry and their business.

  • Business attitude - Solve any problem or issue as soon as possible, even better, promote solutions to future problems before they’ve even happened. Your customers should feel respected, protected and highly valued.

So let us ask you a question… do you offer the above to your customers?

If you use invoice finance, does your invoice financier provide you with outstanding customer service? Perhaps, we should word it differently; what makes an invoice finance provider outstanding?  

Why Do We at Calverton Have Outstanding Customer Service?

At Calverton Finance all of our clients have contact with our Directors, as do their customers. We believe in each customer dealing direct with decision makers, because time is of the essence.

We have the highest retention figures in the industry - a combination of our product and service and what’s more, 92% of our customers would recommend us. Moreover, our costs for invoice factoring are totally transparent; there are no hidden costs such as service charges.

We have tailored our factoring facilities for each client and ensure a personal service is mandatory. Customer service is so apparent that we call this the Calverton Culture’. We don’t want to be the biggest, but we do want to be the best.

For more information about our tailored invoice finance products, please contact Alisa Chauhan (Sales & Marketing Executive) on 01908 268888.