The Emergency Service to Your Cashflow Crisis

Posted: 6th August 2019

The private ambulance industry relies on the cash stricken NHS; dependant on prompt payment yet let down with delayed imbursement time and time again.

FACT: One in four hospital trusts pay their suppliers late.

Whilst you’re their lifeline for reliability to the nation’s ailing community, they are quite the opposite for your cashflow.


Short term cash restrictions within the NHS mean suppliers are being paid later and later, despite the fact that contract regulations insist that public bodies, such as the health service, are to pay their non-NHS suppliers within 30 days.

Here at Calverton Finance we understand your industry and the challenges you face. The private ambulance sector can be lucrative and demand is high. Yet many operators find it hard to maximise their growth potential due to cashflow limitations.

Expansion and Growth is Hard

It’s difficult, sometimes impossible, to finance additional...

  • Fully equipped vehicles
  • Employ new trained professional staff
  • Cover increasing insurance costs
  • Take on larger premises

...when your working capital is drying up.

That’s where invoice finance comes in. Call it, if you will, your own emergency service!

Invoice finance, also known as invoice factoring, advances the monies owed to you on your issued and outstanding invoices. It’s not a loan. It doesn’t run out. It organically grows with your business, providing you with a life line to expansion and security. The facility, used by over 44,000 businesses, is the UK’s most popular form of alternative finance.

FACT: A recent poll revealed SMEs preferred invoice finance above other forms of traditional funding.

Our award winning invoice finance is cost effective and simple to use...

  • Issue your invoice as usual, with a copy to us via our secure online portal
  • We issue you up to 90% of each invoice value, within 24 hours
  • Our inclusive credit control facility will courteously manage payment from your suppliers
  • Once your clients have settled their invoice we issue you with the balance

What’s more, we’ll set up your invoice finance facility quickly, usually operational in 10-14 days.

Cashflow is vital to a business’s success story, in fact cashflow is king. There will be no growth or stability if cashflow and working capital dries up. Invoice finance is the cash injection you need! 

In under 5 minutes you can find out just how easy setting up your invoice finance facility is, or call us on 01908 268888.