Taking Care of Your Own Wellbeing

Posted: 1st April 2020

This pandemic has left us with many questions such as what is going to happen to your business, how long we are going to be self-isolating or working from home. It is easy to think too far ahead and the impacts of COVID-19, but making sure we look after our own physical, mental and emotional wellbeing is key.

Calverton Finance want to make certain that you look after yourself and have put together some steps to take care of your own wellbeing:

  • Focus on the present – Connect with nature, open your windows to get fresh air and if you have a garden take advantage of this. Even consider having lunch outdoors in your own private space.

  • Limit your news intake – Restrict the amount of time you watch the news and limit yourself to a couple times a day. View the news through valuable resources by sticking to trusted sites like the BBC, Gov.UK or NHS websites.

  • Healthy intake - Exercise regularly and try and make this part of your daily routine. You can exercise at home, for example use a Zumba class on YouTube. For alternative ideas consider dancing or cleaning your home to music or try seated exercises. To support your regularly exercise, drink plenty of water and use this time to cook healthy and balanced meals. 

  • Routine – If you usually work 9-5pm, ensure you keep to these times, it is very easy to work extra hours in the evening, cutting into your leisure or family time. Set time aside for relaxing, exercise, hobbies and make certain you get enough sleep.

  • Keep your children informed – Try and keep to the facts but also mindful that your children are not bombarded with media. Mental Health Foundation have provided more information for your guidance. 

  • Check in with others – Stay connected with your friends, family, neighbours and colleagues, whether this is through telephone, video call, email or social media. Find out if they need any mental or emotional support. They can also support you with your own personal journey. You may want to limit how long you spend on social media, to limit your exposure to news.

  • Keep learning – Whether this is a hobby you love doing or learning something new, keep your mind active. Enjoying something that can help you stay positive. Some suggestions include doing some arts and crafts, gardening, DIY, watching a new boxset or reading a new book.

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