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Take a Risk - Go on!

Posted: 10th June 2019

A calculated risk isn’t a whim. It’s an idea, or opportunity, undertaken after careful consideration. It’s planned, reflected and thought about; with its result being high in the probability stakes.

You shouldn’t be afraid of failure. If an idea fails, learn from it and move on. In the words of Sir James Dyson, “Failure is so much more interesting because you learn from it.” To many, failure is simply a side effect to future success and advancements.

Feeling Brave?

Here’s what we advise our clients to consider when looking a taking calculated risk...

1. Research

Carry out lots of research. Prepare a strategic plan, identify areas of growth and opportunity, look at any USPs, and equally any flaws. Look at potential competitors, financial backing, and consequences for example.

2. Timelines

Look at the production timelines, carefully looking into your initial idea through to delivery. Don’t forget to set up vital check points along the way, making sure all components are in line with one another.

3. Anticipate Mistakes

What could go wrong? What contingency plans would be necessary to continue? How viable are these contingency plans?

4. Flexibility

Ideas aren’t always carved in stone. Prepare to be flexible; your idea may need to have subtle or serious changes. Either way, embrace them as they are, are all part of the learning curve.

5. Saying No

Not every idea is a good one. Once you have carried out all your research and it just doesn’t feel right, leave it. Don’t be afraid to say no. Go back to the drawing board until your probability for success is high.

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