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Switching Invoice Factoring Providers – The Facts

Posted: 13th November 2018

Are you a barnacle when it comes to switching service providers?

Resting on your laurels rather than taking the butterfly approach and changing for the better?

Well, let us assure you, switching your invoice factoring service provider to Calverton Finance couldn’t be easier. Let’s face it, no business ever grew through complacency.

That’s a fact – just take the Operations Director at Focused Recruitment, for example, “Switching over your factoring provider really is as easy as 1, 2, 3. What’s more, so worth it! The migration of switching our business over from the closing facility to Calverton was extremely quick and easy, without complications”.

Fact: Switching is Fast

From our initial meeting, the switch and take-on process is quick and easy. We can normally transfer you over to Calverton Finance within 10-14 days, meaning you can reap the benefits of our invoice factoring facilities straight away. Switch to Calverton Finance.

Fact: All the Administration is Taken Care of

We inform all your customers of your change of provider, providing them with the new payment details and contact details. You don’t need to worry or do anything, we take care of it all for you.

Fact: Calverton are Award Winning

There’s no better company to switch to for your invoice factoring facility than Calverton Finance. We are award winning, have the highest retention rates in the industry, and our customer service is unrivalled, plus we have some of the most competitive rates in the business.

Fact: Choice of Factoring Options

With your instruction, we offer a range of invoice factoring facilities - you could choose the confidential invoice discounting service, or the flexible selective invoice factoring service whereby you can choose which invoices you factor.

Fact: Over 40,000 UK Businesses Use Invoice Factoring

A great number of these businesses already have invoice finance facilities whilst others will change providers when they realise their current provider is no longer, for example, professional with their customers, charge too highly or are inflexible. As the saying goes, ‘change is as good as a rest’.

To discuss just how easy it is to switch your invoice factoring to Calverton Finance speak to one of our highly experienced and professional team members today, 01908 268888.