Switching Finance Providers?

Posted: 2nd January 2020

Switching your invoice finance provider is easy... just ask our clients who have done just that.

Take Paul Kilgannon, Kilgannon Street Care Group, who says, “Switching to Calverton was easy and straightforward. The team at Calverton were fast and efficient, liaising between our previous provider and themselves, meaning we didn’t really need to get involved.”


You see, the only guarantee in life is change. So perhaps it’s time you changed your invoice finance provider? For many of our switched clients, their previous provider wasn’t flexible. They weren’t growing their facility with the growth of the business. Terms weren’t as good as competitive anymore; the advance rates weren’t as high as they could have been, and the service was becoming complacent.

Yet for many SME business owners, the thought of switching conjures up terrible thoughts of stress, mistakes, complications and more worryingly, a dip in cashflow from one provider to another. Well, with Calverton Finance those thoughts couldn’t be more wrong!

Jamie Dickinson, Focused Recruitment’s, Operations Director, agrees, “Switching over your factoring provider really is as easy as 1, 2, 3. And what’s more, so worth it!”

7 Reasons You Should Switch to Calverton

1. We deal directly with your current provider to migrate all your invoices from them to us

2. Within a couple of weeks your facility will be up and running, and fully operational

3. We contact all your customers, advising them of the change to ensure all your invoices are paid without any delays or complications. Don’t worry about a thing; we deal with it all on your behalf

4. You continue to issue your invoices as usual. You copy us in via your secure, online portal

5. We pay you up to 90% of the value of each issued invoice, within 24 hours

6. Details on all your issued invoices – outstanding and settled - monies drawn and available are clearly laid out on our online platform

7. You are appointed your own Client Manager who will be dedicated to you and your business, making sure any questions or queries are resolved promptly

As well as our unrivalled invoice finance we can also offer your business a confidential discounting facility or a selective invoice finance facility for the utmost of flexibility.

We’re not the biggest, but we are the best – we treat our clients as valued customers, not numbers. We’re a close knit team and it’s reflected in our high customer commitment levels. As such, with 92% of our customers happily recommending us, our client retention levels are the best in the business. 

Our friendly, experienced and approachable team are waiting for your call. They’ll set you up with a meeting with our decision makers who can agree your facility there and then.  

So see for yourself just how easy it is to switch your factoring facility to Calverton Finance – 01908 268888.