Steps to Support your Virtual Team

Posted: 27th March 2020

Like many teams, they are not used to working from home and virtually communicating on a day to day basis. This can seem daunting at first and may seem like a challenge, but let’s think of it as a project.

Iron Out Technical Issues

First things first, technology. There maybe a few teething problems, as to be expected, but ensure your team have everything they need to carry out their job to the best of their individual ability.

If working from home is not usually a concept for your teams, ask if a guide had been created to prompt and support your team with any technical problems. Of course, always encourage them to pick up the phone to you and talk through any problems, together.

Practice Continuous Improvement

It can be very daunting for your team and they may feel like they are ‘alone’, especially when they are used to being within a group environment. Daily ‘check-ins’ can give your team a boost and the comfort of knowing you are there to talk to. Not just as a manager but also as a friend. Here are three ways to practice continuous improvement:

  • Use their strengths: it is also important to note what your team members’ strengths are and use this to your advantage, can they support other team members with certain issues that may arise, for example, a customer.
  • Personal Development Plans: create/ revise their Personal Development Plans (PDPs) to ensure they stay motivated and can focus on their own professional goals. Are there any online courses they can suggest completing? This also gives you a chance to set expectations for your team and encourage a strong work/ life balance.
  • Share concerns: create a shared spreadsheet, whereby both yourself and your employee can log any issues they are having; whether technical, personal or about other team members. Continuously go through this spreadsheet within your 1-2-1 calls.

Everyone has Their Own Journey

Physically not working together within an office environment can affect you and your team mentally. Look out for any signs of withdrawal or low mood, for more guidance visit Mind, they provide helpful techniques and tips. If you feel these symptoms continue or get worse, contact your manager or human resources.

Way to encourage your teams personal journey:

  • Lunch & learn: you can continue to support your team by introducing ‘lunch and learn’ sessions every day. One team member hosts the virtual ‘lunch’ and teaches something they are passionate about. Whether this is gardening, hacks for cleaning your home or recommended recipes. Not talking about work and focusing on something else can boost morale and can act as team building.

Virtual Community

Lastly, show your team that you trust them, with this should come more appreciation and a better sense of community. Have open discussion and keep them informed of any company announcements.

Use tools available such as Microsoft Teams to stay connected and use the video facilities to conduct team meetings.