Start Up Numbers Fall – Brexit Blamed

Posted: 19th September 2019

Last year the number of start ups fell by 12.9%.

Brexit was cited as the biggest reason budding entrepreneurs were putting their start up plans on hold and refraining from setting up their own business.

This decline included industries that have otherwise seen much growth, and potential, in recent years.

Many Entrepreneurs are Citing the Lack of Access to Funding

This is one of the reasons they have shelved their start up plans. Whilst many high street banks are reducing their funding to SMEs, here at Calverton Finance, we are helping and supporting more businesses than ever before with their finance, cashflow and working capital needs – that includes start up businesses. 

However, whilst there is much scare mongering around the future of the UK economy, and the uncertainty of a no deal exit from the EU, there are many SMEs who are very positive about the future – 60% in fact.

SMEs are the Back Bone of the UK Economy

Making up 60% of the UK’s total employment and 40% of GDP. It’s this reason, start ups should be encouraged, not put off, setting up their new business.

Encouragement is provided in ‘bucketfuls’ here at Calverton Finance. We support SMEs up and down the country with managing their cashflow and working capital through invoice factoring. Whether your business is established, new or you’re just starting out, we have an invoice finance facility that will suit your business.   

Invoice finance means you aren’t reliant on customers settling their invoices promptly – which they won’t! - seeing you eat into your cashflow and working capital to cover day-to-day operational running costs and your own supplier expenses. Instead, our invoice finance facility pays you up to 90% of your issued invoice values within 24 hours. We even chase, politely, your customers when your invoices are overdue. Then, when they have paid, we issue you with the balance.

Setting Up Your facility is Easy

You’ll be dealing directly with decision makers, so your application is approved quickly, and can be fully operational with just a week or two.

Get your invoice finance quote today - call us on 01908 268888 or go online and complete our 5 Minute In Principal Approval form to have a decision within 5 minutes.