Sales Team: 5 Tips for Home Working

Posted: 30th March 2020

Working from home for everyone has their challenges, that’s why Calverton Finance have asked their sales team for some hints and tips. Having worked from home for many years, their sales team understand the importance of routine and the benefits of working from home can provide.

  1. Working area: To ensure you keep your work/ life balance, create a designated area to work. Set up an area with your laptop that allows you to sit upright and comfort.

  2. Freshen up: Get showered and dressed in the morning. With more and more calls now turning into video calls, you want to be presentable but also want to feel better equipped for what the day will bring.

  3. Lunch: Always take a lunch break away from your ‘working area’. Whether this to watching something on the TV or doing some gardening. This break will re-energise you for the second half of your working day.

  4. Team building: Whether this is through Facetime, Microsoft Teams or Houseparty, even if it is a 5-minute video call, talk to your team about something fun, that’s not related to work.

  5. Switch off: Ensue you turn off your laptop, keep it out of sight and enjoy your evening. Get back to your normal house routine and ensure you keep your home “your sanctuary.”