fried chicken to relate to KFC running out of chicken.

Q. Why did the chicken cross the road?.... A. Clearly, this week, not to get to KFC!

Posted: 21st February 2018

So, if KFC can run out of chicken, what could your business run out of if it runs out of cash?

No-one could believe it earlier this week, when fast food giant, KFC, ran out of chicken.

Up and down the country, hungry members of the public are being greeted with notices in closed restaurants, informing them that there is no chicken!

OK, so all joking apart, this chicken crisis was down to a change in delivery logistics; however, it does raise the question, what would happen to SMEs, just like yours, if they ran out of their principal product/service/offering – and most importantly, their cashflow.

What if Your Business Runs Out of Stock?

If you’ve no cash in the bank, where do you find the funds to replenish before your customers go to your competitors? 

If the chance to develop and expand presents itself, yet you’ve no working capital, do you risk losing an incredible opportunity?

These are real circumstances. Real problemsFaced by real businesses up and down the country.

Well, for over 40,000 SME businesses in the UK, this isn’t a problem. Their cashflow isn’t affected by late paying customers; and their working capital is accessible throughout the year. All thanks to invoice finance.

With a choice of three invoice factoring options to choose from – invoice finance, invoice discounting, selective invoice finance – the benefits and principles are the same.

  • You raise your invoice, as normal, issuing it directly to your client
  • A copy is sent to Calverton Finance
  • We pay you up to 90% of its value, within 24 hors
  • We chase payment from your client – as if we were your in-house credit control department
  • When payment is received from your customer we issue you the balance, minus our reasonable fees

Confidential Invoice Discounting

If you’d prefer your clients not to know of your factoring facility then invoice discounting is for you – it’s totally confidential, yet offers all the benefits of invoice factoring.  If you only want to factor occasional invoices then selective invoice discounting is for you; the same great benefits, you just choose when you need to use it.

Contact us today and see how our tailored invoice factoring options are the ideal solution to your cashflow needs.