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Proposal For Tribunal To Protect SMEs from Banks

Posted: 20th February 2018

Sadly, we know all too well – from many our clients who are SME businesses – the problems they have had when dealing with the high street banks.

Unfriendly, uncooperative, intimidating; and definitely too big to argue with.

However, it Could Change...

Conservative MP, Kevin Hollinrake, who is also the Vice-chairman of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Fair Business Banking, is to approach the Government about the creation of a new and dedicated tribunal specifically to protect SME businesses regarding banking complaints.

Many SMEs have been treated “appallingly” says Mr Hollinrake, yet they do not have a financial body that can represent them in upholding any complaints.

He’s right. Nevertheless, this doesn’t help the thousands of SME businesses looking to get their finances and cashflow on track right now.  But, help is available …

Perhaps you have been treated badly by your bank? Perhaps you’ve been refused an overdraft to assist your cashflow? Lending to see you through a seasonal low was turned down despite banking with them for years?  Or you had to put down too much collateral to finance growth and expansion opportunities?  Well, don’t despair. All is NOT lost. 

The Banks Aren’t Your Only Option for Funding Your Business

  • There is alternative finance.
  • It’s flexible, grows with your business,and you don’t “borrow” money or need to put up personal collateral or assets.
  • Instead you are simply drawing on monies you are owed.

This way you aren’t tied to a financier and most importantly you have a fluid cashflow all year round which proves working capital and resources to keep your business growing.

So what is this alternative financing?

Well, let us introduce to you Invoice Factoring:

  • Issue your invoice as usual. 
  • Upload a copy to us, via our secure online portal. 
  • We advance up to 90% of the invoice value within 24hrs (balance to follow).
  • We chase payment from your client, as if we are your ‘in-house’ credit control team. 
  • Once payment is received you receive the balance (10%). 

And unlike many banks we’re a friendly bunch. We know all our clients by name and we’re always at the end of the phone. We have a team of highly experienced Client Managers who many of our clients see as part of their own credit control team.  But don’t just take our word for it...

“Speaking to Calverton Finance we instantly felt they understood the industry. Their approach was flexible. One of the biggest reasons for choosing Calverton was the speed in which they reacted – it was all wrapped up within days. We had the right year long factoring deal, with the option to get out if we needed to, and to protect any unforeseen circumstances.” says, Stuart McDonald, Co-founder, Ball Street Network.

Laura Clark, Owner, The Phat Pasty Company, “Calverton gave us the freedom to do what we do best, whilst their experienced team relieved some of the administrative burden.”

“It’s been great working with you all for the past 11+ years and I appreciate the help and support you have given us throughout that time,” says Dawn Parks, Managing Director, Ship Shape Cleaning Company.

Award Winning

We’ve even won an award for our services to SME businesses – we hold the prestigious title of “Best Smaller Invoice Financier 2017”.  

One thing we are confident of is that you won’t have any complaints with us – in fact, 92% of our customers would recommend our services. So get in touch today and see how you can bring peace of mind to your business and cashflow needs.