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Proactively Surviving Brexit - Tips for SMEs

Posted: 12th February 2019

As we continue to hold our breath over the real outcome of Brexit - will we secure a deal or won’t we? SMEs need to be proactive, not reactive in the meantime.  

So, here’s what you can do to make your business ‘Brexit-proof’:

1. Flexibility

The only guarantee in life is change, Brexit has certainly proved that; so be prepared to be flexible - in everything. This is the advantage you, as an SME, have. It’s not nearly as easy for large corporations to be so proactive, quick and lively at making changes.

2. Marketing Plan

Marketing is so very important, yet so many businesses we speak to don’t find the time to sit down and work out a scheduled plan of marketing. Use this time to look at your social media activity, advertising and PR within industry press, even contacting existing customers for upsell opportunities.

3. Reassure Your Customers

In private or in public, most businesses have fears over the unknown effects of Brexit. So why not take the time to reassure your customers? Tell them you are prepared, that they are still your priority and your attention to detail and quality will not falter, regardless of the Brexit effects.

4. Supply Chain

Anticipate delays, and possible cost increases, on stock and materials imported from the EU. Don’t be afraid to contact suppliers and ask for their reassurances and find out how they are planning to deal with any knock on effects. Remember - knowledge is power! 

5. Overseas Markets

If much of your business comes from the EU look at expanding your opportunities outside of the European Union.

6. Forward Contracts

Open a discussion with your suppliers and customers about arranging fixed, forward contracts that override any fluctuations in exchange rates. Also use the time to source UK suppliers, rather than overseas ones, if erratic exchange rates are to the detriment of your business.

7. Staff Training

Don’t under estimate the power of your own knowledge. Make time for a meeting to share your knowledge and skills to the rest of your team in a dedicated staff training session. Equally, spend some time on cross training your team - this also helps with contingency plans covering staff absences and highs in specific work areas.

8. Overheads

What better time than to look at your overheads and see if you can cut costs. Look at your business rates, leasing fees, electricity and gas tariffs, look at your assets - can you rent out machinery in low seasons?

9. Avoid Knee Jerk Reactions

It’s all too easy to panic and make decisions you might regret. Be careful, rational and mindful about any major decision you make - don’t let Brexit stop your growth plans, but equally don’t do anything rash until you have all the facts. Regardless of the Brexit trade deal, or no deal, you shouldn’t be slowing down, just because the UK is uncertain about its future. For one thing, it will give your competitors a head start; simply use it as a time to reassess your business’ practices.  

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