hands shaking to represent the valued partnership for our introducers.

Partnerships With Our Introducers are Valued

Posted: 24th April 2018

At Calverton Finance, our market leading and independent range of factoring services are ideal for start up and established SME businesses.

Our Introducers

As a result of this, we are the trusted partner to many Introducers – a large group of the UK’s most reputable brokers, accountants, consultants, bankers and intermediaries, in providing factoring solutions to their clients; and have been for more than 19 years.

There are many reasons why an Introducer would put forward our factoring services to their clients – a requirement to secure working capital and cashflow, loan applications declined, a business needs to manage seasonal peaks and lows, there may be no collateral or assets to put forward.

Let's Work Together

As a natural fit to compliment traditional banking and finance options, Introducers look to us to help their clients, knowing they’ll be in safe and dependable hands, with our alternative financial services. Subsequently, a relationship with us puts Introducer is in a position to both strengthen its own offering and widen its services it is able to offer their clients. 

What’s more, as leaders in the factoring industry, our Introduces know they can trust us to deliver high quality factoring solutions. Our factoring is a cost effective option for SME businesses; delivered quickly, growing with each individual business, without any need for re-negotiation or tender. For those reasons, we have the highest client retention in the business! 

Our Solutions

Assessing each business on its own individual needs, our invoice factoring, invoice discounting and selective invoice finance options ensure a business is able to secure a fluid cashflow – critical to the success, and ultimately survival of a business. In fact, results show that factoring customers of Calverton Finance have seen growth rates of at least 10% in their first year.

Our Introducers know that they can rely on us to provide their clients with a solution to their cashflow needs that’s both tailored, flexible and award winning. 

  • We are a trusted partner to Introducers, as they strive to provide the very best financial solutions to their clients.   
  • We have enviable working relationships with our Introducers.
  • With no hierarchy to navigate, our team of Corporate Managers are empowered to provide honest and transparent proposals swiftly and promptly.
  • We make contact with an Introducer’s referral within the hour.
  • Our flat structure underwriting system means acceptances are high, whether a business is newly set up or an established company.
  • As a result, our services are arranged with speed and efficiency – often fully operational within days.

Usually, from our first meeting, to advancing funds takes just 7-10 days.

Our Introducers are highly respected here at Calverton Finance.  We value the work they do and the clients they refer, priding ourselves on the relationships we have built up.  As such, we have a generous, market leading commission scheme.

If you’d like to learn more about becoming an official Calverton Finance Introducer then get in touch with us today.  Call us on 01908 268888 and see why the UK’s leading brokers, accountants, consultants, bankers and intermediaries depend on us to provide first class financial factoring facilities to their clients.

Client Recommendations

Did you know, that if you are an existing customer of ours, and you recommend Calverton Finance to a fellow business, as a thank you we’ll give you £500 when they take out one of our facilities! The highest praise for us is recommendation!  And we can proudly say that 92% of our customers would happily recommend our services. Would you? Could you?