Optimal Growth for Digital Media Agencies

Posted: 30th July 2019

By the end of this year, the digital media industry in the UK will be worth nearly £67 billion.

There’s no denying that the industry is booming, with digital media revenues soon to take over non-digital streams. However, there are 3 main challenges faced along the way:

  • Competition is fierce
  • Clients become even more demanding
  • Results are expected instantly

Yet, what do all these things have in common? They all need support from cashflow to avoid an agency failing. 

As an agency you are laying out more and more staged billing; paying talent, suppliers, technologies – this means that your outgoings are flowing out far quicker than your incomings. In your industry cashflow is drying up. Working capital is diminishing.

Fact: Lack of cashflow sees 30% of businesses fail by their second year.

What’s the Solution?

Digital media invoice finance – instant, rapid, responsive, dynamic financing to suit the digital media industry. 

Cashflow management is the only way to grow and expand your agency. We know this as our media clients saw growth that far outweighed that of their competitors last year.

Tailored for your agency requirements, by us, here at Calverton Finance, our award winning factoring services will provide you with the cashflow you need. We don’t make you jump through hoops. Instead you deal direct with our decision makers to agree your facility and have it operational within a couple of weeks. 

Here’s How Invoice Finance Works:

  • Issue your invoice to your client, with a copy to us on your online secure portal
  • We advance up to 90% of its value (paying the balance when your client settles)
  • Inclusive of a credit control facility, it leaves you free to pitch to new clients, search new talent and train in new technologies – not chasing overdue invoices
  • The facility ensures a fluid cashflow, helping you to grow at an accelerated rate to those of your competitors without a facility

Don’t just take our word for it. As Craig Mills, Frontera London, says “We can miss opportunities if we haven’t been paid by clients. That doesn’t happen now we have invoice finance.”  

FACT: 50% of businesses fail after five years due to lack of cashflow.

Prosperity awaits... call our expert team today on 01908 268888 and you’ll see how rapidly we can set up your facility to secure profitability and success.