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“No Two Days Are the Same” - Tony O'Neil, Auditor

Posted: 10th April 2019

I started my career in the Invoice Finance industry in 1996, after starting my working life as an Articled Clerk, training to become an Accountant, I worked for a Chartered Accountants firm in Coventry. From the very beginning I knew this was the type of work I was suited to.

I left the accountancy profession after 7 years and moved into the commercial sector with a building society, having gained a good knowledge of internal communication and how to build sustainable good working relationships with my clients. I really enjoyed working with clients and the face to face interaction with them. 

In order to progress the knowledge and experience I had a variety of roles within various commercial organisations and then joined the Factoring and Invoice Discounting industry. I worked at a variety of banks and independent funders within the industry and at one stage was managing an audit team of up to 10 people. 

Why I joined Calverton?

After gaining 22 years of auditing experience in field work and management, I Joined Calverton and have been supporting the business for 5 years now. As part of my role within the company, I audit clients and potential clients, as well as carrying out the internal audit process for Calverton.

Even more so, from an employee point of view, it is great to be involved within our internal celebrations, including our recent celebrations of our 20th anniversary, I always try to attend Christmas and social events as seeing familiar faces again makes me feel part of the Calverton team and it’s always good to catch up with everyone.  

A plus point is being based in the Midlands, with access to all of our clients and prospects. Which means I can normally get a visit done in a day and get back to see my family and dog – he is always pleased to see me!

No Two Days Are the Same

A typical day on the road to a client or prospect visit would be as follows:

Early alarm call.

Stumble about in the dark trying to avoid the dog. Eventually head off to the car and regret not putting a coat on.

Set off for whichever part of the country our client or new business prospect is located wondering what all these people could possibly be doing on the road at that time in the morning. Once I arrive at either a prospect or a client I would have a brief informal chat and with a prospect have a quick tour of their business premises. 

My day normally includes looking at the clients systems and accounting records, selecting samples and putting together an audit or survey. The journey back normally involves being sat in the odd traffic jam and if I have to travel on the M25 a bit of time is spent stuck in traffic watching the planes come in or go out of Heathrow.

After the collation of details and data, some information may have to be sent by the client or other departments within Calverton. Once everything has been received I can then write up the audit or survey - No two days are ever the same.

I like my job for several reasons, but mainly it tends to be a different way to work every day, I meet a variety of interesting people and get to see a great variety of businesses with in all types of industries.

In addition, I also carry out the internal audit of Calverton which means I get to visit the offices on a regular basis and see all my colleagues.

Why I Work With Calverton and Not for Them

I really appreciate the Calverton style, we are so client focused.  Keeping clients happy is always at the forefront of what Calverton do.

Also the people who make up the organisation all the way up to Board level. We are always made to feel part of the team and having an input is important.

I look forward to working with many more prospects and clients, supporting SME businesses up and down the country.