Myth: Nice ‘Guys & Gals' Finish Last

Posted: 8th August 2019

Here at Calverton Finance we believe the urban myth about nice guys and gals finishing last to be untrue.

Take ourselves for example – our Calverton Culture sees us take pride in our ‘nice’ approach. We certainly aren’t losing – we’re going from strength to strength, and so are our clients.

In today’s business world, niceness goes a long way; perhaps because it can be such a rare commodity.

Being Nice Does Not Mean Being a Push Over

Or someone without any real drive. Why do people think, so often, that being nice is a negative in the business world?

Take for example Sir Richard Branson, Sir James Dyson, Dragon Den’s Peter Jones, Mum’s Net Founder Justine Roberts, and Queen of the Highstreet Mary Portas – all renowned for their successes as they are for their morals and principals.

Good Ethics Makes For Good Business

And here’s why...

  • New and existing customers appreciate high principals – delivering what you promise, being thorough, consistent, going over and above; and thus feeling valued
  • Being nicer, being better sets you apart from your competitors – as much as we are in a complaint driven culture, actually it’s the high praise that grabs the attention of new customers – just think about Trustpilot and Feefo for instance
  • Honesty means your customers know exactly where they stand, yet importantly so do you. There are no nasty surprises and no uncomfortable issues to be dealing with; distracting you from daily operations and profit
  • Get to know your customers, building a report makes working relationships ten times easier. Everybody wants to deal with people they genuinely get on with. When work is uncomplicated, more profit can be made because you are free to consider growth and expansion opportunities

Our very nice and driven team are waiting for your call, they’ll guide you through the range of invoice finance options that will assist your business cashflow, well, rather nicely!

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