Media Cash Flow Solutions with Staged Billing

Posted: 27th January 2020

Simply put, our USP to your media agency is that Calverton Finance will, unlike the majority of invoice factoring companies and traditional lenders, offer an invoice finance cashflow solution, even though your billing may be in stages.

At Calverton Finance we understand your business. We understand you are bound by milestone billing and staged billing before a project is completed. It’s this understanding that means we will offer you an invoice finance facility when other providers won’t.

Your Financial Options

Invoice finance advances you the monies you are owed on outstanding, issued invoices – optimising your cashflow in a way that no other loan or lending can offer. That’s why over 44,000 UK businesses are using invoice finance; and why it’s the preferred finance solution for media agencies.

This means that with our invoice finance facility or confidential invoice discounting you can ensure your agency has a fluid cashflow through the timeline of a project.

  • Bill at the start of a project and receive payment through your facility immediately
  • Allowing you, organically to fund the next stage of a project
  • It’s that easy – with our rolling payment schedule

You won’t miss out because you cannot afford the very best creatives, influencers, GUIs, studios, platforms and additional upfront costs – invoice finance offers you vital working capital to ensure project completion with the very best input.

Fact: Invoice finance unlocks essential funds in outstanding invoices.

Your Payment Process

This payment process continues through the life of the project even though you’re billing in stages.

You’ll receive payment through your facility each and every time you issue an invoice, enabling you to have financial stability to fund your suppliers and creatives as and when they are required.

Invoice finance balances out your outgoings with incoming payments.  Forget the burden of late paying clients – clients who demand the tightest of timelines yet pay later and later.  Instead, invoice finance pays you within 24 hours.

In a volatile industry, you’ll have financial stability with a fluid cashflow and predicable working capital.

What’s more, by building up your working capital through our immediate payment of your invoices you have money to invest in new business. Take timely and costly pitch processes – with no guarantee you’ll win the contract.  With invoice finance you’ll have the money to present a campaign pitch that truly shows off your creative potential.

Fact: Agencies with invoice finance seize growth opportunities quicker than those without a facility; our clients grew by an additional 13% last year.

View our latest media success story: Focus Media Solutions.

Time is Money

That’s why, at Calverton Finance...

  • You’ll deal directly with decision makers who will agree your facility promptly
  • We don’t ask you to jump through hoops, unlike traditional lenders
  • We don’t need proof of assets and collateral – your invoice, the very fact you are billing out is all the ‘collateral’ we need

Guarantee and optimize your cashflow today – call us on 01908 268888 for tailored invoice finance costs for media agencies – or go online for an ‘in principal agreement’ in less than 5 minutes.