Land's End to John O'Groats Charity Bike Ride

Posted: 15th August 2019

Just imagine, 1,000 miles, in 9 days, on a bike... a gruelling task including hilly terrains and saddle sores.

Yet a challenge that Calverton Finance Managing Director, Mark Byrne, is undertaking for the charity, Kicking Off, putting his best foot forward and pedalling off on 24th August.

Training has been arduous, and for months. Sunshine, rain, hail, thunder, lightning; you name it, he’s trained in it.


Most people would do this LEJOG ride in 10 to 14 days. Yet not Mark and his fellow cyclist; oh no, they’ll be cycling over 100 miles a day for 9 days straight, which many consider ‘superhuman’ (or some consider ‘madness’!).

Ambitious? Yes. Scary? Yes.

Worth it? Most definitely. 

You see, Kicking Off have so far already helped thousands of deprived communities in Ghana through the #PowerOfFootball.


More recently in Refugee camps in some of the World’s most deprived and saddened countries. Football is so much #MoreThanJustAGame – it’s a way of bringing communities together and building trust.

As a result, a Kicking Off football tournament brings together more than 500 children who will be given clean water, a good meal and a ‘goodie bag’ full of essentials. They will also been seen by a Doctor, with any ailments treated, including malaria.

FACT: Kicking Off Doctors have diagnosed and treated 20 cases of the life threatening malaria in less than two years!

So, Mark’s doing his bit (the hard bit we’re sure you’ll agree) but he needs your help too! Mark Needs Your Help (don’t panic, you haven’t got to cycle with him!).

Nevertheless Mark would like your help in raising vital funds! By sponsoring Mark in this gruelling bike ride you can ensure that this young and dynamic charity continues its amazing work in Ghana and the rest of the World – that’s because every single penny raised will go towards Kicking Off!

It’s Good to Give

If you’d like to do even more to help this worthwhile charity, how about donating £10 a month – by texting KICK to 70577; as such Kicking Off, with your help, can continue to change lives and save lives! Think about it, £10, that’s less than a round of drinks on payday!