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It's time to switch things up

Posted: 7th January 2021

We know that no two businesses are alike.

We also know that many small businesses are staring down the barrel of the same issue in January…


And like a lot of cashflow issues experienced by business, time is of the essence. With outgoing payments and tight deadlines rarely matching up with the leniency allowed by invoices.

So, now is the perfect time to switch things up and move to a financier that understands and can help you overcome your new year cashflow issues.

At Calverton Finance, we combine our knowledge of the financial requirements of multiple industries to provide you with fast financial solutions.

Solutions that enable you to access your own funds whenever you need them to meet your cashflow deadlines. Instead of constantly trying to renegotiate loans and overdrafts with your bank.

Every one of our solutions is specifically tailored to meet the needs of each business we serve…and we specialise in serving a variety of industries with unique cashflow needs.

From manufacturing to media and recruitment, we’re well-versed in the adaptability of funding that’s often required to keep businesses in these sectors running and expanding.

We understand the importance of flexibility in your business. From helping with just one client to fully managing every invoice you issue, we’ll work with you to find the ideal solution for your business.

From staged billing to invoice finance, we provide adaptable solutions that grow organically with you and work flexibly with unpredictable and fast-paced industries.

It is through this thorough understanding of your situation that we can offer unique solutions that we know many of our competitors can’t…or won’t!

We’re living in unpredictable times.

The value of predictability and transparency can’t be overestimated, and we pride ourselves on being a reliable solution for all our clients.

That’s why we operate a clear and simple pricing structure based on a fixed-rate fee calculated as a percentage of the invoice.

This highly competitive fixed-rate comes without any additional, or unexpected, charges. So you always know what’s going on with your finances and where you stand.

We’ve seen first-hand how a business can go from staying thriving in a matter of weeks with the aid of our facilities.

Many of our clients chose to switch to Calverton because of our flexibility and understanding of their situation. You can read some of their client stories here.  

The Switching Process

  1. We provide you with an immediate over-the-phone cost indication, as well as the terms of our invoice finance facility…
  2. If that sounds good, a facility can be agreed within a week.
  3. We’ll then contact your existing provider to organise a smooth transfer. This can include negotiating your release and possible contribution to any termination fees.
  4. Your dedicated client management team will contact you. They’ll work with you on your facility and will always be available over the phone or via email to help.

 Make 2021 the year you get your cashflow under control and switch to Calverton today;

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