In Case Of Need (ICON) Finance facility graph.

ICON – In Case Of Need – A Cashflow Cushion

Posted: 7th August 2018
No business ever wants to think it will need emergency funding. But inevitably most businesses will require additional working capital at some point. So, what would happen if you did?  Have you got access to tens of thousands of pounds, within hours?

If not, then what are your options? An emergency bank loan will take too long to set up. As will other forms of traditional banking options.   Alternative Finance quick drawdown loans can be horrendously expensive.

However, with the unique Calverton Finance ICON facility – In Case of Need – you can draw your pre-arranged funds within 24 hours. With advances offered between £50k and £500k and at a very reasonable price.

The ICON Facility Generates Emergency Funds

When you need them most. Providing cashflow to see you through an unexpected bill, loss of a major contract, or a customer going out of business, as just a few examples. ICON is there to see you out of a black hole, there to protect your business, seeing it move into the future without financial woes.

What’s more, there’s no pressure to actually draw on the facility. You can have your ICON facility in place for years, never using it. 
We like to think of it as a ‘cashflow cushion’ – bringing comfort and peace of mind by just knowing it’s there, whether you draw on it or not; because, after all, rarely can we predict these things.

ICON for New Start Businesses

20% of SMEs go out of businesses within their first year due to poor cashflow. The ICON facility will give you the cash injection you require when you need it.

ICON for Established Businesses

Even established businesses can’t always predict the future – our ICON facility means you are protecting your business, your staff and your assets against financial failure. It’s like a cashflow insurance for your business.

Arranging ICON is Easy

  • Arrange your Calverton ICON facility with our experienced team, agreeing how much emergency cash reserves you’d like access too.
  • A nominal monthly fee is charged on this ICON facility.
  • When an emergency cash situation arises you draw down on your advancement.
  • This is transferred to you within 24hrs!
  • Funds can be repaid at any time.
  • The minimal monthly fee is then reinstated as the facility reactivates.
To discuss how our ICON facility can assist your business, contact our team today; 01908 268888.