Hola! to Cash Relief This Summer...

Posted: 24th July 2019

…and Adios to A Cashflow Drought.

For most, the summer months conjure up thoughts of relaxation, respite and holidays. However, for many SMEs owners this time of year is even more stressful.

Why? Because in the peak summer months their customers are away on holidays, the credit control department is short staffed and invoices are paid even later – the usual payment delays of up to 60 days becomes 90, 120 days plus.

How on Earth Will you Manage your Overheads?

Wages, rent, stock, repairs – when your cashflow is drier than the Sahara desert?  

Easy – say adios to late payment stress and say hola! to an instant cash advance thanks to our award winning invoice finance facility.

Guaranteed to give you a cashflow that’s more fluid than the Mediterranean sea! Cash relief within 24 hours on all issued invoices!

It’s quick to arrange, easy to use and provides financial stability whatever the season – there’s no summer slowdown here at Calverton Finance. Get in touch with us today and we could have your invoice finance facility up and running within weeks.

  • Issue your invoice to your customer, with a copy to us
  • We paid you up to 90% of each invoice value, paying you the balance when your customers have settled
  • With a built in credit control facility you don’t even need to worry about chasing payment – we do that on your behalf 

Invoice finance brings stability, peace of mind and with your own dedicated Client Relationship Manager you have someone to offer you support, guidance and direction when faced with the challenges of running your own business – it’s the Calverton Culture.