2018 written in sparkler light.

Have You Set Your New Year Cashflow Goals Or Do You Need Help?

Posted: 7th December 2017

Have you thought about your New Year’s Resolutions yet? We don’t just mean the usual – take more exercise, eat less junk food. We mean your business resolutions.

It’s vitally important, for your business’s growth and success, to have goals. As Muhammed Ali said “What keeps me going is goals!”

But to meet these goals and ambitions you need a well-managed cashflow. You need easy access to working capital, month-on-month. Because, without the funds to invest, whether it’s in people, latest technologies, and premises, or to take on bigger and more profitable contracts, your business can plateau and ultimately grind to a halt.

FACT - over half of the UK’s SME businesses fail within the first five years due to poor cashflow.

Yet reading this, you’re probably asking yourself, “How does an SME business manage its cashflow when bills need to be paid now, but my customer always pay late?”. “How on earth can I think about growth with these concerns hanging over me every day?” 

Well, the answer’s easy... invoice factoring!

  • Forget seasonal lows – notoriously December and January
  • Forget late paying customers – 60, 90 days plus
  • Forget bank statements that are in the red

With factoring from Calverton Finance you will have the ability to manage your cashflow and secure working capital - and as a result your business can grow and thrive.

“Growth is a priority for us, and we’re in an exciting period of real growth but it takes real cash to pay bills", says, Stuart McDonald, Co-founder, Ball Street Network. “We are seeing payment terms increasing and even good customers can make late payments, so we’re always working hard to minimise the impact of cash flow on our business – with invoice factoring we can do this".

Invoice factoring couldn’t be easier...

  • With invoice factoring your invoices will be paid, and fast!
  • Issue your customer their invoice and send us a copy via our secure online portal
  • We advance you up to 90% of the invoice value within 24 hours
  • On your behalf, we manage the credit control for payment of each factored invoice too
  • Once we have received payment from your customer we issue you the remaining 10% balance, again within 24 hours

We wouldn’t have got this far without Calverton!”, says Jason Tipple, Director and Draughtsman at Creative Steel Solutions.

So get 2018 off to the right start and speak to one of our highly experienced team today.

“The Calverton service is second to none. The team are personable, available and actually, they are really nice. It’s personal with them, not just business.” Julie Morrison, Financial Controller, Rubber Road.