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Happy to say Goodbye to Great Clients – Are We Crazy?!

Posted: 19th October 2017

“So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye…”

”You’ve truly been fantastic clients. We’ll miss you, but we are happy”.

Think we’re barking mad as we happily say goodbye to great clients? Well, our mission is to ‘help businesses to build, thrive and grow’ and that’s exactly what many of our clients have been able to do, thanks to our flexible invoice factoring finance options.

Our Clients

Often, our clients come to us because they either cannot get funding through traditional banking, or these options are simply too inflexible, too slow and too long term. The beauty of invoice finance is our clients are not borrowing money but they are taking advances on what they are already owed.

The other big advantage is that as they grow, the facility grows with them. Loans are fixed, overdrafts need to be constantly renegotiated, but invoice finance is directly linked to the size of our client’s debtor book, so as it grows the facility automatically grows with it.

Take for example, The Phat Pasty Company... with the help of our invoice factoring service, the company sales grew fourfold over four years.


Like many start ups, they endured the constant juggling act of cash flow demands and managing working capital. Whilst the business was going from strength to strength they needed to release cash tied up in outstanding invoices to enable them to invest and further grow the business.“Calverton gave us a solution to improve our cash flow, enabling us to grow our business", says Laura Clark, Owner of The Phat Pasty Company.

A traditional bank loan wasn’t flexible enough for their needs; nor were they comfortable with borrowing and repaying a fixed amount of money against their business. When they joined us at Calverton the company had sales of £350,000 and was very profitable. They just needed access to the money they were owed, and quickly, in order to expand.

So, a bespoke invoice factoring package was put together by our professional and experienced team here at Calverton Finance.

This invoice factoring option meant they received a 90% advance on their outstanding invoices within 24 hours. Once payment was received Phat Pasty were issued with the remaining 10% balance. Thanks to the way our factoring works they didn’t have to worry about chasing payment either – that’s because our team chase payment as if they were Phat Pasty’s in-house credit control department.

Laura continues, “Calverton gave us the freedom to do what we do best, whilst their experienced team relieved some of the administrative burden".

Our Solutions

Invoice factoring meant they didn’t have to stress about outstanding monies owed to them, nor did they have to spend time chasing it. Instead, our team took care of all of that; leaving them to grow their business year on year.The fact is, through passion, dedication, hard work and invoice factoring, Phat Pasty increased turnover from an impressive £350,000 per annum to a whopping £1.4million!

Ship Shape Cleaning Company was another client where we helped provide the financial security to grow their through our invoice factoring. Now, 11 years on, they have left us to ‘go it alone’, and we wish them nothing but success for the future.

Don't Just Take Our Word For it

“We wanted to say a big thank you to Liz, Mark, Charlene, Carol and the rest of the team at Calverton. It’s been great working with you all for the past 11+ years and I appreciate the help and support you have given us throughout that time", says Dawn Parks, Managing Director.

Dawn continues, “You took us under your wing and now we are ready to fly solo”.

“I want to take this opportunity to wish you all the best for the future as Calverton continues to grow and flourish".

Now you would think that we would be unhappy as we lose these great clients, but quite the opposite; with our mission to ‘help businesses to build, thrive and grow’, we have done our bit to help them through a phase where they needed some financial support to grow their sales. We have numerous ex-clients who have similar stories and we are proud to have helped them get to where they are today. Not so crazy after all!

So What Are You Waiting For?

Get in touch with us today and see how our factoring options will help your business to develop, expand and grow, just like it is helping 40,000 other UK businesses.

Invoice Factoringall your issued invoices put through your tailored factoring option, and paid within 24 hours.

Invoice Discountingall the benefits of invoice factoring yet completely confidential from your clients.Selective Invoice Factoring – you chose which invoices you put through factoring, as and when you want to. 

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