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Google Jobs – Competition or Opportunity for Recruitment Agencies?

Posted: 21st August 2018

Google Jobs has now launched in the UK, after a hugely successful roll out in the US just over a year ago.

Some recruiters are nervously viewing the online giant’s first foray into recruitment with trepidation. However, used wisely, and Google Jobs could actually help recruiters in the long run; especially in light of the feared ‘talent pool’ drought that is expected throughout the Brexit negotiations and once the UK leaves the EU.

The potential is revolutionary.

Certainly recruitment agencies shouldn’t fear a reduction in their own applicants and web traffic. Local job seekers will always search locally, with local agencies, but what Google Jobs plans to do is to deliver high calibre, authentic, quality candidates from further afield, even overseas to recruiters.

How Do I Make My Vacancy Appear on Google Jobs?

It’s easier than you think, as with any web based SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) it’s all about the programming at the back end of your site – job posting structured data, sitemaps, RSS/Atom feeds and date coding. Google has set out comprehensive guidelines on how an agency can optimise its chances so programming should be straight forward for your IT team. 

Just as you’d search Google to find the latest trend, fashion piece or new car, the search engine giant wants to make looking for a job just as easy – if you’re looking for a sales executive job in Milton Keynes then that’s exactly what will come up; regardless of what agency or company is advertising the position.

The Main Aim of the Search Engine Giant is:

To simplify the job search process online. Specific filters have been applied so every last detail of a position can be narrowed down. For example, in the hospitality industry a candidate can search for work in restaurants, hotels and then further narrowed down to include front of house or housekeeping; as well of course as filtering location and salary. It’s all about making the user experience easier, quicker and more successful.

To date, many larger, national recruitment agencies have signed up for inclusion with Google Jobs, including Reed, Monster, CareerBuilder and

So, embrace Google Jobs, don’t panic about it – the chances are it will become a major game changer in the way not only recruiters, but also candidates, find job matches!

Further details on how to post jobs on Google Jobs UK can be found at